Google Adwords

Target adverts at people, who’ve already visited your site

We power every click to your site

You would be knowing how GOOGLE is important tool and specially when you search anything being on sponsored ads which is TOP 3 Gives you the best Possible Results, Traffic and Conversions. We have a special Scheme for you please read below for More information.

We are providing u Google #Adwords# budget of

  • ₹. 25,000 Daily
  • ₹. 50,000 Daily
  • ₹. 1,00,000 Daily
  • ₹. 3,00,000 Daily

Monthly Budgets are also available as below

  • ₹. 3,00,000 Monthly
  • ₹. 6,00,000 Monthly
  • ₹. 9,00,000 Monthly
  • ₹. 15,00,000 Monthly
  • ₹. 30,00,000 Monthly

You just need to Pay 50% of the Amount of the above and we will run full budget advertisements.

These Monthly budgets will run in our Google Adwords panel and we can share below details.

  • Daily screenshots
  • Daily PDFs
  • You can track as you will have your analytics so you can see the Increase in Clicks
  • We have huge credits in our accounts from Google as We had spend for our previous clients so the additional benefit which we have received we are passing to another customers.
  • All reports shall be sent to you with screenshots or it can be show via team-viewer or PDF with all relevant proofs only, we cannot provide any access as we are running ads for our various clients through that account so any changes can lead to pause of campaigns or review which we don’t want.
  • You need to pay advance of 50% to start the campaign
  • For example you book a campaign for 1 month and the ads run for 1 week, we shall refund you the balance amounts of 3 weeks in proportional ratio. Once ads are slotted the first week payments cannot be refunded.
  • Ads once placed cannot be cancelled , all ads can be edited every 5th day after the First ads are live.

After advance paid the ads will be live after 48 hours only.

All this is a benefit for an eCommerce, startup, Exclusive products, Service Industry, Real Estate, Tourism and people who spend a lot on Google Adwords.